Monday, 21 September 2009

The Top 12

To each and every one of you who have submitted an entry to our DT call... THANK YOU! xx

If you didn't make the top 12 this time, please don't be disheartened, it is a really hard job to choose one entry and not another. If we could have all of you, we would! You have put a lot of care and effort into your entries, so you should all be extremely proud of your work :)

so here, in alphabetical order, are the ladies who are asked to make one more entry...


**claps!** "Congratulations!!" **woohooooooooo!**

What we would like you to do next...

Email me (Jo) so that I have an upto date email address of yours, as I will need to email you if you are offered a position in the design team ;)

Also, please make a card using any sketch from the last 3 months, so that will be going back as far as sketch #56 (20th June)
You must make a new card & leave a clickable link to your work, stating which sketch you have used in the comments section of this post only.
You will have one week to make your card, the deadline will be 8pm (UK time) next Monday (28th)
Good luck ladies!

To everyone other than the top 12,
Please don't leave a comment on this post, if you wish to leave congratulations & good luck wishes, please visit their blogs by clicking on their names above, Thank you for your co-operation :)

Jo xx


  1. Whoohhooooo ;-)
    Thank you very mutch ;0)

    I am gonna email you now Jo.

    And when my card is ready you will see my link ;0)

    Hugs, Janneke

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww Thanks so very much I am very happy for this part hihih...Thanks ladies, I'll bet is was very difficult for ya many lovely cards so many lovely ladies......Yep first thing to do is Email Jo...You made me very happy...thanks.
    Hugs Terry

  3. HIhih I was so excited that I forgot to wish the other ladies the best of luck with the second part of this challenge.
    Hugs Terry

  4. Erm...I'm not sure I can quite believe it!!
    Thank you SO much ladies, I'm completely gobsmacked!
    Huge congratulations to the other finalists, just had a quick looksie at the competition... all are outstanding crafters!!!
    Off to email Jo, and then best decide which my favourite sketch was... god that might take a week in itself!!
    I can't stop smiling!!!
    Good luck with the next bit everyone!!

  5. Whooo Hooo how fantastic is this, thankyou for picking me.I have emailed you Jo.Congrats to the other 11 ladies and Goodluck everyone.
    Trish (-:

  6. Oh My little me (well not so little but you know what I meen lol) I can not believe I have gotten this far!?

    Thank you I am SO please you wouldn't believe.

    And to all the other ladies I have been and had a look at all of you and you are ALL amazing every one so really no hard ship if I don't get any further who ever wins will be SUPER! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.

    I will e-mail you soon Jo and have a good look at all the past sketches (I have so many I like) A BIG thank you again for putting me forward this far I am on cloud nine.

    Love Dawn xx

  7. congratulations to you all, gutted I'm not one of you but chuffed you are!

    Good luck in the next round, can't wait to see what you make


  8. I have had a look at the "competition" and let me tell you, ALL of these ladies are so talented! I do not know if I can compare! I love that everyone has their own unique style. FABULOUS! Congratulations ladies! I have a busy week ahead of me so I have completed my card already. I was so nervous when making it, but I still had fun and really, that is what it is all about, right? Good luck ladies! Thanks for the opportunity to apply - here is my card!

  9. OMG!! I'm so nervous!!
    I was going to wait a while and see what all the other ladies did first, but if we all did that it could be a problem!!
    so I thought I'd get it over and done with....
    Here it is, no going back now!!
    At least I'm not first ... thanks
    Jerusha xxx
    once again huge thanks for this oppurtunity!!!
    Good luck ladies!!
    oh this is so scary!!

    Paula xxxx

  10. Hiya ladies, I finished my card, wow was I nervous....but I am done, it is out of my hands, hope you'll like what you see. Thanks for this great opportunity. I just loved the sketch that I used. You can find my card Here's my entry
    Thanks ladies, Hugs Terry

  11. wow thank you so much, im so sorry i forgot to leave a comment on here to thank all you lovelys for choosing me in your 12! i cant quite beleive it to be honest, im totally gobsmacked!!!

    Thank you everyone, and well done to the other 11, yeepeee.

    Now im nervous Lol

    love emma xxxxx

  12. Wow...

    Thank you so much...don't really know what to say except thanks...I have looked at all the other 11 and I am up against it....good luck everyone...


    Jo X

  13. The card I made for this round is on my blog ;)
    I used a sketch from Gill #58.
    You can find my card here

    Have a great day ;0)

    Hugs, Janneke

  14. ...eek, I'm very nervous! LOL! However, my second card is now done, photographed and on my blog...


    I took longer deciding which of the yummy sketches to use than actually making the card, LOL! But I finally picked sketch #59.

    Hope you like it?

    Crossing everything that can be crossed, LOL! And GOOD LUCK to everyone else!

    Hugs, Simonne xx

  15. Hi, im not nervous atall! Im petrified!!! I would absolutly love to join you all girlies, ive got everything crossed! Lol

    Good luck everyone

    Here it is, Hope you like it!

    love emma xxx

  16. Hi There

    Well ....this is it...all card can be found here

    I am gonna hit the button NOW !

    Good Luck to you all


    Jo XX

  17. Well I have finished so no going back now lol

    I did sketch 59# it was posted on my birthday of July 11th

    Here is my Entry

    I genuenly wish you all the best of luck, I am so greatful to get this far.

    Love Dawn xx

  18. Well I have done it and I feel nervous but I am happy that I have tried my best. All the ladies cards are fantastic and I just feel honoured to get this far.
    here's my card
    Hugs Louise xxx

  19. Ok, here it goes! I finally managed to decide which sketch to use and chose #63, which actually is one of my all time favourites in all it´s simplicity. So here is my creation. I´m keeping my fingers crossed now.

    Gongrats to all the other ladies for making it this far and good luck!

    hugs, Tanja

  20. Well heres my card i finished it last night but had to wait till i got in from work tea time to get a good pic of it outside.Anyway Here it is!!!
    Good luck to the other 11 ladies,i,m so glad it,s not me that has to pick they,re all Fab.
    Trish (-:

  21. WOW!
    You are all so talented,and i am blown away by he fact that i am joining you!
    I can`t believe that i made it so far!
    And i am still crossing my fingers here ;)
    Here you can find my card :)
    Good luck to everyone!
    Hugs from Maya :)


Thank you for joining in the fun!