Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dear Top 12, Thank you

... for your patience, I will hopefully get all the votes in from the DT tonight.
I know how eager you all must be, so if I haven't had all the votes in, I will go with the majority and I promise to let you know by email tonight at 10pm (UK time)
This will be followed by an announcement on here shortly after I have emailed you all.

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I want to give the DT all a chance to have a say, we are a team after all :)

Email you soon!
Jo xx


  1. Hiya Jo, thanks hun for your message, offcourse we're eager hiihih I am sooooo nervous....I think everybody I am looking forward to your mail hun....Thanks again.. hugs terry

  2. I have no nails left now anyway, so a few more hours makes no difference at all!!ha ha!!!

    Paula xx

  3. Hhaahah Paula, you don't have nails left hihih leave your vingers and hands alone hun, you will need them soo....Hugs Terry

  4. Thanks for letting us know Jo ;0)
    I am nervous to ...
    And like Terry sad, I think we al do *wink

    Hugs, Janneke

  5. Nails...I bit them off weeks ago !!

    Good Luck Y'all



  6. Good luck ladies! I am sure that the best will be chosen! Even if that means not mine! LOL!


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