All designs on this blog are created for inspiration.Of course we are very happy to share our designs with you all, and hopefully we will inspire you to make something just as beautiful.However, please do not directly copy any designs that you will see on this blog for any reason as this would be an infringement of copyright.If you wish to show a piece of work elsewhere that has been created by the design team, then please seek permission beforehand stating clearly where you intend to display the work and for which purpose.

This includes ALL SKETCHES, including DT members' sketches, which are also copyrighted to Sketch Saturday and must not be used without prior consent by the person who created the sketch.The cropping off of the designers name from an image, even by "accident" does not mean that the image is then ok to be used afterwards.The act of cropping means that you know what part you are cropping off, therefore breaching copyright.

I'd also like to mention our policy regarding images used for entries:

Most of us are aware that you shouldn't copy images that do not belong to you or images that you haven't paid for, this includes copying/tracing a previously stamped image as well as downloads.Sometimes a crafter, especially those new to crafting, are unaware of this and use unauthorised images on their work without realising that their actions are prohibited.

Most companies only allow you to use their images for personal use and resale unless their image is either hand-stamped or downloaded directly from themselves.Almost all companies do not authorise the direct copying of their work for personal or commercial use, whether this be by manual, electronic or digital means (even if you don't intend to sell the finished piece of work) it is a breach of copyright if you do and is prohibited.

Sketch Saturday does not accept entries that contain unauthorised images, and any links to entries that do will be removed from this blog as soon as they are noticed.

Please respect the copyright of the artists that have worked hard to bring you their images. Thank you.