Monday 12 May 2008


The reason for this blog is all down to psp (paintshop pro).
I was playing around with shapes and liked the look of the layout so decided to make a card (as you do!!)
I enjoy making cards following sketches as a guide so have decided to make my own sketches.
If you like the look of a particular sketch and think "hmmm, i'd like to make a card using that sketch too" then please feel free to do so! There's no pressure and no commitment, this isn't really a challenge blog, more like a 'motivate the mojo' blog! lol.
Saying that, i'd love to see what your interpretation of the sketches will be and i'm sure other crafters would like to see them too, so it would be lovely if you could add a comment under each sketch on here with a link to your blog so that we can all see your fabulous work!

The first sketch will be put on this blog on SATURDAY 31st MAY.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy crafting!


  1. Good luck with the blog Jo - what wait until the end of May????? poke, poke LOL!

  2. LOL! because I want to make you wait! mwhahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!

    no, the reason is want to get some sketches ready (at least 10 weeks worth) and also make a sample card using each sketch so I can show everyone how i've interpreted it ;)

  3. ooh cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

  4. Where is the sketch ;). I'm waiting patiently honest!!!!! LOL

  5. So sorry Sian! forgive me? xx

  6. WoooHooo Jo, I only just found this blog and now realise who's it is!!! Don't call me flash for nothing ROFL

    I am going to go make a start on a card right now, and then catch up as I go!


Thank you for joining in the fun!